Your holiday starts already at your front door!

Going on holiday may be pure fun, but …

The time before travelling in particular can cause great stress.

Traffic jams, parking problems, pulling the luggage, expensive parking…

Let your holiday start at your front door and use VipShuttle for all airport transfers! On the way back after a tiring flight you will be driven home quickly and safely. In short, a transport service to enjoy!

If you are with several persons you could also choose one of our vans. We have these vans in a 6 seated version (6 +1) that are travelling back and forth to the airport every day.

All vans are equipped with internet access, 220 volt power connection, Apple TV, DVD & Multimedia…On request a children’s seat is provided.

If there is a lot of luggage, please let us know so that a roof box can be installed. The transport of bicycle cases and/or skis, is also not a problem for VipShuttle. Do you want to cycle on Mont Ventoux? No problem, we provide the ride to it!

We offer you fixed transport rates to each place in the West Flanders area, such as Zaventem, Lille, Charleroi, Wevelgem, Ostend, Shiphol, Antwerp …

Are you are residing somewhere else than in the West Flanders area, please send us an email with your request and you will receive a quote.